Running Club Totals for 1/5

 1       42.72
    2       45.21
    3       70.93
    4       72.78
    5       24.17
    6        1.70
    7        6.19
    8       29.06
    9        8.63
   10        6.77
   11       10.37

Attend. Aspire. Achieve.

What does attendance mean to you? Every student and family will have their own meaning for great attendance. For schools in St. Vrain, the goal is simple - have your student attend everyday and miss less than 10 days of school per year for any reason. The value of consistent attendance is one of the most important factors in determining if a student will do well in school, graduate and be prepared for success in future grades, their careers and postsecondary education.

Thank you!

Music January News


Principal January News

Dear Fall River Families,

STEM January News

Hello Fall River Families,

Students have been hard at work with Computer Science Education Week!  Students participated in the Learning Lab, as well as in classrooms.  Students have worked with binary numbers, tried Scratch and Scratch Jr. and got to work with Cubelets.  There were also unplugged experiences with patterns and algorithms.  Thanks to our volunteers, too!

100 Mile Club January News

So far as a school we have run 1,713 miles!
Over break there are plenty of free events.

GT January News

Intermediate enrichment groups will continue to meet before school with Ms. Whisman. 
Primary enrichment groups with Ms. Wills will begin in January. Be on the lookout for more information.
1st grade students who were nominated for Gifted and Talented will be assessed in January.


Student Council January News

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Student Council hopes everyone had a wonderful holiday! We just wrapped up the annual canned food drive for the district and the result was amazing! We collected 3,578 items. We don’t know yet whether this was enough to beat Alpine Elementary, but it certainly beat our total from last year. Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.

Congratulations to our classroom winners as well!

Community Schools January News