STEM February News

Hello Fall River Families,

Robotics Tournament

Fall River hosted The Fox Rocks Robotics tournament again this year.  Students from the St. Vrain Valley School District and surrounding areas met for friendly competition on January 27th.  This event is a qualifier for state and world tournaments coming later in the year.  Thank you to Mr. Medlock, The Innovation Center, the Fall River Robotics teams and all the volunteers that made our tournament a success! 

Art February News

Happy Valentines!

5th grade Fall River Elementary yearbook cover designs have been on display, and the winners were recently announced! Congratulations to Natalie Shaeffer and Ella Staples for having their designs selected to be on the 2017/2018-yearbook cover. Natalie’s will be on the front, and Ella’s will be on the back. Students that participated in the design challenge are very excited to see their art on display, and it’s been fun to hear students declare which artwork they would choose for the cover.

Preschool February News

In Preschool we are just wrapping up a study on Music. Wow! We have learned so much! We have learned some new words like tempo, pitch, vibrate, conductor, musician, and audience. We wrote some songs for hand bells and performed them for our families at a music concert. In writing these songs, we were reminded that we read and write from left to right. We learned that songs can have repeating patterns. Also, we have been learning about feelings and how music can change our feelings.

Student Council February News

The months are flying by. We’re already in the 2nd month of 2018 and that means state testing is right around the corner. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Fall River always work so hard during this time and the members of student council want to wish all of them good luck while testing. We will be making bookmarks and giving each student a good luck gift. They are a lot of fun to assemble and just add that little extra incentive to always try your best.

Theresa Buchtel and Kelly Carlander

Counselor February News


BY:  Kids in the House

Music February News


Running Club Totals for 1/19

  1       49.89
    2       52.23
    3       75.23
    4       76.25
    5       28.69
    6        1.70
    7        6.19
    8       33.34
    9        8.63
   10        6.77
   11       10.37

Infinite Campus: Information at your fingertips

Think back to a time where the phone was attached to the wall, and how excited you felt when your parents bought a longer cord, an answering machine or that magical moment when the cordless phone was brought home and you could talk to your friends in you bedroom away from your pesky sibling. Now, fast forward 20 years and staying connected is a whole new ballgame. We have all grown accustomed to the 24/7 news cycle and at times we cannot get information fast enough.

Are your notification settings ready for the Colorado winter?

We all know the rituals: turn your pajamas inside out and wear them backwards, put a spoon under your pillow and finally dance the most epic snow dance around. These practices have been carried down through generations as students go to bed hoping for a fresh blanket of snow in the morning. For administrators in St.

Running Club Totals for 1/11

1       45.77
    2       48.51
    3       74.48
    4       75.50
    5       25.97
    6        1.70
    7        6.19
    8       31.79
    9        8.63
   10        6.77
   11       10.37