Music March News


Art March News

I am excited to announce that there are currently three local businesses proudly displaying a selection of artwork created by Fall River Students: Nicolo’s Pizza, Mac’s Place, and Twisted Roots. If you happen to be at any of these establishments, please take the opportunity to enjoy the artwork on display and scan the QR code, which will link to Artsonia and allow you to see more great Fall River student artwork.

Principal March News

Dear parents and guardians,

Annual Bond Update and School Safety Town Hall Meetings

Student safety is a top priority across St. Vrain Valley Schools. This is the core of our work and we are committed to a consistently proactive approach to fulfilling our highest responsibility – ensuring the well-being, safety and growth of our children. We have implemented many programs and protocols to ensure the highest levels of school security, many of which are being replicated across the state and nationally. Along the way, we have heavily involved our community in shaping the safety and quality of our learning environments. In the past year alone, we have featured stories in district publications, developed news articles, earned media coverage, delivered school presentations and hosted 12 public meetings across every community in our district – all emphasizing our work to increase school safety and support student advancement.

Superintendent's Update

Dear St. Vrain Valley Community,

Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy. The impact of our schools and their role in shaping the future success of our society extends far beyond the smart boards, desks and walls of our classrooms. From economic development, to national security, to home and commercial property values, to business and corporate development, and community growth, our public schools provide a strong foundation for advancing the quality of our lives and the direction of our future.

Running Club Totals for 2/9

    1       62.90
    2       64.33
    3       83.77
    4       87.22
    5       34.28
    6        1.70
    7        6.19
    8       40.17
    9        9.88
   10        6.77
   11       10.37

Running Club Totals for 2/2

  1       59.09

   2       61.54

Community Schools News February 2018




Running Club Totals for 1/26

1       54.66
    2       57.10
    3       77.10
    4       79.63
    5       30.05
    6        1.70
    7        6.19
    8       34.68
    9        9.31
   10        6.77
   11       10.37

PTO February News

Thank you to everyone who attended our PTO meeting in January! We will be having our next PTO meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018, from 6-7p.  Childcare will be provided.  In addition to our usual business, our special discussion topic this month is the upcoming renovations to our school made possible by the passage of the bond measure in November 2016.  Curious how things will look different next school year? Joining us for this meeting will be the architect working on the renovations to Fall River that will take place this spring and summer.