December PTO News

Teacher Profiles:

If you’re thinking of getting a gift for anyone at Fall River this month (or any time), take a look at the “Teacher Profiles” section of our website: where we’ve invited teachers to share some of their favorite things, likes, and dislikes.

Box Tops, Soup Labels, and Milk Caps:

Your trash is our treasure. Whenever you buy products with the Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, or Tyson Project A+ logos, cut out those coupons and send them to school. Kids can take clipped labels to class, or you can leave them in the turquoise drawer’s right by the front door. We redeem Labels for Education for “points” that buy all our new playground equipment every year, and we get cash for the other coupons.

We also collect Longmont Dairy milk caps.

Spirit Gear:

There is spirit gear order forms located outside of the front office for you to fill out and return at any time.  We plan on placing another order that will arrive before our Winter Break and then another one in the spring.  Just return the forms at your convenience by December 4th; if you miss the cutoff date, we will let you know and add it to the next order.  Please remember to include payment when the order is submitted; you can send either cash for the exact amount or a check payable to Fall River PTO.  Also, there are now samples at the front office of each of the colors and most common shirt sizes (Youth small, medium, and large) if you would like to see them.

PTO Meeting:

There will be a meeting on December 14th at 3:45pm.

A special thank you to everyone who has donated unwanted candy for our KidZing as they will now have candy for the parade on the 12th!!!!!

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