Cafeteria September News

We are so glad to be back and getting back into the swing of things! It is really fun for us to see how much the kids have grown and changed over the summer....some of them taller than us already! So there are a few things that we would like to tell you about. Inta juice will start in September and the dates for that will be the 13th and the 27th. We will offer it 2 times a month and it is an ADDITIONAL cost to the price of lunch. They did not go up this year, they will still be 1.50 each. The kids can bring money that day or use their lunch accounts as long as they have the money in there to cover it and your permission to do so. If you would not like your student to have an inta juice or to not use their lunch account then please email or call me and I will make sure to note their account with those instructions. If you ever have any questions or concerns in regards to the lunch program please feel free to contact me anytime.
If you would be interested in volunteering in the lunchroom at ANY point that would be GREAT. I am in need of a volunteer for Inta Juice twice a month on Wednesdays starting in September. The times would be from 11 to 1230 each time. Even if you can only help once in awhile that would be awesome! I would also LOVE to have extra volunteers for our holiday meals in November and December. Please email or call me if you would be interested in helping out at all.
Thank you in advance for allowing us to feed and love on your kiddos everyday!
Your Fall River Kitchen Staff,
Tarah, Amanda and Teresa
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