Art February News

Happy Valentines!

5th grade Fall River Elementary yearbook cover designs have been on display, and the winners were recently announced! Congratulations to Natalie Shaeffer and Ella Staples for having their designs selected to be on the 2017/2018-yearbook cover. Natalie’s will be on the front, and Ella’s will be on the back. Students that participated in the design challenge are very excited to see their art on display, and it’s been fun to hear students declare which artwork they would choose for the cover.

A shout out to Jason Goldsberry, a parent volunteer, for working with Niccolo’s Pizza to proudly display a selection of kindergarten and 1st grade artwork in their restaurant window. While you are there, please take the opportunity to enjoy the artwork on display and scan the QR code to link to Artsonia and see more great student artwork created by Fall River Artists.

5th graders are currently creating personal ceramic boxes and learning about the ceramic process.

4th graders are continuing to study Native American Rock Art and finishing their petroglyph stamp art.

3rd graders just finished their Gyo-Taku printmaking, and are beginning their study of Japanese wood block printing, creating their own relief prints while continuing to learn about the printmaking process.

2nd graders have been studying how artists use symbols to communicate ideas through their artwork and are creating ceramic suns as a symbol of good luck.  

1st graders are learning about the ceramic process and exploring a variety of ways to create art with clay.

Kindergarteners are exploring how to use clay in a variety of ways to create art.

Have a great February!

Mr. Kloser

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