100 Mile Club/PE November News


This month in Physical Education we continue to work on our efficiency in moving by working on the following centers: Agility, Balance, Throwing, Kicking, Hand Eye, Reactionary Drills.  We will also be starting the following three units: Scooter City, Striking and Winter Wonderland!  
Please help your child to be prepared by reminding them to wear proper PE shoes.  As always if they do forget I have shoes they can borrow.  Also they should be keeping a pair of clean socks in their classroom desk just in case, (they forget or theirs get wet).
Lastly, if you have any gently used shoes that you would like to donate I would love to replace some of the older ones.
100 Mile Club
If you would still like your child to participate in the 100 mile club we will continue accepting registrations throughout the school year. Currently we are averaging over 40 runners.  We run every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:10 - 8:40 rain, snow, sleet or hail, (we will run inside during bad weather days).
Cory Hoople
PE Teacher - Fall River Elementary